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1. Christmas 1971, L-R: Jim, Mark, me, Marylou, Greg, Mike, Mom, Dad (Lynn & Bill absent)

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2. Safe arrival notice to parents

2a. Basic Training Photo

basic training portrait army dress greens jacket

2b. My Army Dress Green Jacket after Honorable Discharge

3. Graduation day, Basic Training, with an envious friend

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4. Graduation day, in khaki uniform

5. On leave outside Debbie Franklin's house

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6. The Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas. A view from my barracks, Ft. Bliss.

7. The Franklin Mts from the barracks, Fort Bliss

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8. My platoon at morning assembly

9. Looking west to the mountains from the second floor

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10. same view looking farther northwest overlooking the kitchen

11. The Nike-Hercules is a two-stage surface-to-air missile

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12. Nike-Hercules Missle

13. Nike-Hercules Electronics Maintenance class report card

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14. My Weapons Card

15. Keeping a friend company on guard duty

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16. Ft. Bliss dayroom after class