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17. Hanging out in the barracks,
Fort Bliss, El Paso TX

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18. Play on

19. Another guitarist and my pointy
cowboy boots bought in Juarez

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20. Cool guitarist; yep, it's me, Fort Bliss

21. Bored and sewing clothes, Fort Bliss

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22. Two friends taking it easy in
their bunks, Fort Bliss

23. On the way to Carlsbad Caverns, NM

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24. The Texas countryside

25. Flat tire on the way to Carlsbad, NM

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26. A chilly night in Carlsbad, NM

27. Waiting for the tire to get fixed

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28. A music break in Camp A.P.Hill, Virginia

29. Me and guitar friend, Camp A.P.Hill, Virginia

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30. Play on, Camp A.P.Hill, Virginia