The Letters: Mrs. Jane Neph's Complete Letters

Basic Training: April 23--July 4, 1972

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Company C, 17th Bn, 5th Bde

34.  Mrs. Neph

[Birthday card, postmarked June 4, 1972]

"It's just so neat . . . You being in the Service . . . I'd like to learn all about it!! Would you mind filling me in on a few things?

How deep is the Motor Pool?
How long is a Parade Rest?
Is the Orderly Room ever disorderly?
Is the Ammo Dump really a dump?
How many foxes per Fox Hole?
What is a Full Colonel full of?
How drab is Olive Drab?
Does M.P. stand for Mother Pig?
Is shingle really a gourmet dish?"

Here is the card I promised you--See I did write, Hope you are adjusting to the service. I know it is a different life but you are a big person and people like you are sure to make it. It was good to see you last weekend.

Had a tape from Jim & Pam. They seem quite happy. I miss her very much.

Heard from Rob. He is quite upset. One of his shipmates jumped overboard. Another 2 had nervous breakdowns. If you get a chance why don't you write and exchange gripes.

FN Robt. Neph B689337
USS Chipola (A.O63)
M Division
F.P.O. San Francisco, Cal 96601

Thinking of you,
The Nephs