The Letters: Mike's Complete Letters

Basic Training: April 23--July 4, 1972

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Company C, 17th Bn, 5th Bde

29.  Mike

[Birthday card, can't read postmark, 1972]

"Hi! Happy Birthday . . . and all that jazz! Many Happy Returns."

Happy birthday John! Sorry I haven't written but I couldn't find anything to say.

See you on the 27th.

Quartermaster School: April 1--September, 1973

Fort Lee, Virginia

Company P (Stu Enl) 2nd Bn USA, QM Sch Bde

153.  Mike

[Birthday Card; postmarked May 17, 1973]

On Friday, the 18th, I am taking Ellen Flavin, a sophomore, to our Prom at the Roostertail. I rented a tux at Valentie's for $30.00. A blue, single-breasted model with black lapels and a yellow ruffled shirt. Bet you still remember your prom date with Mary. I'll probably eat at the Chicago Road House afterwards.

I am running for Senior Class President right now. My chances are favorable. Only a few weeks left of school, thank heavens!

I am working steadily at Allen Lumber. Greg just started working there last week. Bill quit there a few weeks ago, and I got a raise up to $2.00/hr.

That's all for now. Bye

Happy Birthday!

European Tour: October, 1973--April, 1974

Hanau, Germany

Company A, 503 Supply & Transport Battalion

Camp A. P. Hill, Bowling Green, Virginia, (TDY - i.e. temporary duty) May 10--Sept. 1, 1973

204.  Mike

Tues. 18th [December 18, 1973]

Dear John,

Your letter arrived today, and we all were slightly amazed at all the detail you had in it. Usually, you don't seem to feel like expressing yourself too much in detail, so I imagine your spirits are pretty high, considering where you are spending the holiday this year.

Let me tell you some of the things that have been happening around here lately. For me, It's college-hunting time, and I've set my sights on the University of Michigan, either Dearborn campus or Ann Arbor. Because of costs and fuel shortage, it'll probably be Dearborn. I sent my application in a couple weeks ago and I know I'll be accepted at Dearborn. I'll probably be put on a waiting list at Ann Arbor, however. My field of study will be Business Administration. My interests lie there probably because of my background at Allen Lumber.

Speaking of Allen, Bill just quit there and got a job at Forest City, just north of Westland Shopping Center. I hope he settles down just a bit. He's having a difficulty selling his car, and Dad is eager to sell the old LTD.

Speaking of cars, I can hardly wait until I graduate, so I can buy a car. Having been through it all, you know how exciting looking for a car can be! I'll be looking for one in the $1200-1990 range.

Changing the subject slightly, I imagine you're missing the chicks here in the States a bit. Right here, I'm trying to "land" someone I can start a relationship with and have a good time with. As you probably know, I'm not the "quickie" type; you know what I mean. I feel I'm missing something if I don't get a girlfriend. There is this one girl I really like; with good looks and a helluva personality. I really enjoy being around her. Too bad she's going with someone else, who is a friend of mine, too. She told me tonight at the Christmas Concert at school, that she probably'll have to move to Pittsburgh after graduation next June. That's kind of a shocker, especially to her and her boyfriend!

I've been having some fun times lately with my friends at school. I really hope they don't stop after next June. I hope to see a lot of my old friends during the college years, but we don't always get what we want, do we? I don't know about you, but I value friendship higher than anything else in the whole world. Last Friday and Saturday night, a bunch of us went tobogganing at Garbage Hill in Edward Hines. What a blast!

Being class president has It's good points and It's bad points. The good points are the glory that goes with the position, and the bad points are the responsibilities. I'm expected to go around chasing down seniors who haven't put down any deposit on their announcement orders. That's a bunch of baloney. No way am I going to do that! If they want announcements, they'll see to it themselves that they get their money in on time!

Our senior trip is planned for 4 days and 3 nights, starting June 3rd, at a dude ranch in Gaylord Mich. Horseback riding, water-skiing, hayrides, card games, swimming, dances, 3 full sit down meals; it really sounds like fun doesn't it!? Even though I'll be 18, we still won't be allowed to drink while up there. A hitch, in otherwise beautiful plans!

I am on the yearbook staff at Cherry Hill, and I think this year's yearbook will be the best ever, for years to come. Color for the first time, and other new techniques used never before in the past. You'd be most interested in the foxes of our class, and there are some great ones!

Everyone around here is doing well. Mary Lou is flying to New Jersey on the Thursday before Christmas. She'll come back with Lynn and Bob on Saturday. Only 7 more days 'till X-mas! Although, you will probably read this letter after the 25th. So this is where I'll close for now. Hope you have a blessed and fun holiday season. R-day (release day) won't be too long!