The Letters: John Neph's Complete Letters

European Tour: October, 1973--April, 1974

Hanau, Germany

Company A, 503 Supply & Transport Battalion

197.  John Neph

Sun. 12-9-73


What's happening, junkie? Hope you are fine and keeping a steady buzz with all that good hash over there. How do you like it over there. Talked to your old man and he told me you didn't like it over there. Sorry to hear that, lucky for you that you are getting short.

Haven't been doing too much lately but hitting the bars every week-end.

Mackowski moved out of the house and into an apartment. It pretty nice place and he has some really nice furniture.

Wanted to drop a few lines to ya to let you know a few of us still remember you. I am also wondering if you ran into some connections for some hash for us and if you think It's possible to send us some. Don't even try it if you're scared of being busted. It's not worth that you know. Robb talked to some guy in school who sent some home from Germany when he was in the service. He sent them in cassette packages weighing close to 1 ounce or 1 pound. He also got some stamps at the army post office that were special stamps for officers, Lieutenant or Captain or something. Hope this make sense to you. They never checked packages from officers or something. Anyways write back and tell me what you think. If you feel It's too risky don't hesitate to forget about it.

In case I don't get another letter to you by Christmas--which I probably won't--Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year and we will all have a drink for you at the parties we will probably have.

Hope to see you or hear from ya soon--Take care

Your buddy