The Letters: Georgeann Vigil's Complete Letters

Basic Training: April 23--July 4, 1972

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Company C, 17th Bn, 5th Bde

47.  Georgeann Vigil

July 1

Dear John, Hi

Wow! That was a long letter you wrote me. Surprised to hear from you. Well Like you said it was awful hard to write much because we only seen each other once & only talked a little bit & it wasn't too much of anything. But I'll try to write something good alright? When do you come home on leave? Every weekend or whenever you have 3 or 4 days off? How long does it take to get home? When are you going to Oklahoma? After your two years I wouldn't go back in and reenlist, but it really is up to you, you know. Thick As A Brick was just on the radio, wow, I swear That's all I been hearing now is songs from that album.

I work in a convalescent home, I been working there for one year now. What did you do when you was home Sat. thru Tues.? Just curious. My friends either call me George, Georgeann, but most of them call me Georgy.

I really don't know why I was quiet Saturday. But I know I shouldn't of mixed drinks & grass. It must have been good grass because I got a buzz off it the first joint we passed around. Remember we had 2.

You know one paragraph you wrote I didn't understand what you meant so I just read it the way I thought it was supposed to be. How many brothers & sisters do you have? You wrote me a super long letter, I was shocked because for 2 reasons why I didn't think you would write so soon, & because I didn't think you had a lot to say. Felt good to hear from you.

I hope my letter makes sense. I'm just writing what comes from my head & trying to answer your letter as much as I can. I hope you didn't get mad at me for asking you all them questions. How long have you been in now? I'm sorry but I don't have a Senior picture. And I don't have a recent one, so how about one That's a year ago or so. Seriously, I don't have a recent one. Would that be alright? I'll send you it next time I write, alright?

How long have you been living in Inkster? We used to live there back ten years ago. We used to live near Parkwood school. You know where that is. Now we live in Romulus. When's your birthday? How old are you?

Well, I'll close for now, because I have to get up for work & its pretty late now!! Talk to you later.


Write Back

48.  Georgeann Vigil

July 3

Dear John,

How you doing?

Wow, there isn't really much to say or write about, but just to write a few lines to let you know how I'm doing. I'm off from work today and tomorrow. Don't know what I'm gonna be doing tomorrow though. I'm supposed to go down for my car sometime this week to get it for a oil change, and have a few other things done to it. There really isn't much happening with me, beside work, and just more work to do when I come home from work. Having a car is just a pain (to me it is anyway) because I have to make sure its running well always, keep it in good condition, finish paying all the payments, & pay for insurance. And after paying for all that I have to start saving for next year's insurance. I always have to be working in order to keep it filled with gas. But I guess I'm not the only one that feels that way. And besides I wanted the car so I guess It's my full responsibility, right!

Today is really beautiful out, the sun is out & It's not too hot.

So how you doing over there?

Sorry if I sounded bossy & demanding in that last letter I wrote you. I really didn't mean it that way, after I wrote it I read the whole thing and it sounded that way to me. I'll send you a picture in the next letter I write, okay? Well, I'm gonna close for now, & I'll write you later. Write back when you can.


Advanced Individual Training (AIT): July 9, 1972--March, 1973

Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas

3rd Enlisted Student Battery

56.  Georgeann Vigil

July 17 Monday

Dear John,

I really don't know where to begin to answer your letters, so I'll try my best. You wrote me five letters already and That's a lot. I'm glad you wrote, I enjoy reading your letters. I wish you were here, not there.

Pat & I went to Bob-Lo last Wednesday. Why don't you write her a line or two, to let her know how you're doing.

I wish you would of come over that weekend you were on leave. I wouldn't forget you, I still remember how you look. In fact I was over there that Sunday for a little while.

My birthday is February 13th. I'm nineteen.

I hear Thick As A Brick a lot on the radio. I really like it.

Thank you for the sticker, I don't know where I'm going to put it yet.

Excuse my writing for now because I'm nervous or upset one or the other. Because I don't really know what I'm going to do. Stay here or move up with my sister in Lansing. I want to get a apartment with one of friends but nobody seems to care. I don't really know I'm just plain dumb when it comes to a thing like that.

If you don't mind will you really send me that water pipe. I never had one before because I really didn't care for them, I wasn't smoking then, but now its different. I really would appreciate it. Wow you really blew my mind when you wrote that, most people won't & don't.

I can't think of much to say right now. Sorry I haven't written earlier but I been working & on my days off I been stripping furniture & working around the yard. How was Alice Cooper's concert? He's supposed to be here in July. I want to go but I know I won't.

Well, here's that picture, send it back or better yet throw it out if you don't want it. It's really old, it was when I was a junior, September. Long time, eh? Stupid one too! But you asked for it, so there it is.

Well, I'm closing for now alright? I'll write later.


80.  Georgeann Vigil

Aug. 16.72

Dear John,

Sorry for not writing. I was really surprised to see that you were still writing, because I haven't wrote you at all for a long time. I just got your letters today, because they were over at my Aunt's house and she just mailed them to me, & I got them today. I moved to Lansing with my sister, it's been three weeks now. I found a job in one week, that's pretty good. I been working lately. I work at Imperial 400 a hotel. It was ruff at first, but now it is easy. I guess it's okay for now, until I find a better job.

I been toking up lately. I met quite a few kids up here. The kids up here are really friendly & nice. they're mostly school kids. Sure are a lot of freaks, & strange people here.

They have quite a few bars here that are for the young ones, or teenagers, or whatever, you know what I mean, don't you. Have bands every night, & old flicks, I can really get into a flick when the band plays cos it looks like the movie goes with the music. I got the album "Thick As A Brick." That's really a heavy piece of work there.

No, I didn't go see Alice Cooper. Bummer if ever one. Yes, Pat smoked before but not much that I know of. Do you play chess much? That was a steal [I bought an onyx chess set in Juarez, Mexico]. You were pretty lucky withe chess & the boots. How do you like basic training? What do you like best out of all of it?

That's nice now you can have your guitar to play. I bet that made you feel good, eh? Who's Barbara Jane Mackle? What happened to her? Did you hear from Pat? Do you hear from Mike or write to him? I went to go see "The Last Picture Show." It was pretty good, but grose at some parts what they said & done. Did you ever see it? Do you get to see any flicks there?

Well, I haven't written much, but It's better than nothing because I can never get my stuff together. That's pretty good for me anyways. I'll write later. I can't think of nothing else to write about for right now. It was good to hear from you, thank you for writing. Sorry for not writing.

Stay High,