The Letters: Cindy Callison's Complete Letters

Basic Training: April 23--July 4, 1972

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Company C, 17th Bn, 5th Bde

38.  Cindy Callison



Say there. I got your letter today. I was really glad to hear from ya.

It sounds like you really love the army, it sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think I could take it.

I'm just sitting here all by myself, Debs out with Phil. There's not much happening lately, It's really kind of dead.

So how did you like the party Saturday night? I really got blasted. Then I got sick and then I crashed. (fun)

In your letter you asked about Spic, I thought you knew we broke up. The night of your party (7 weeks and 2 days ago). Oh well, enough of that subject.

I'm finally out of school for the summer, getting high every night (almost).

So do you miss everyone? I suppose you do. Every time there's a party it always feels like there's something missing cause you're not there. Remember the time at Mike's house the first time you smoked? I almost died laughing, It's far-out to see people really high. You looked pretty high out at Deb's house but then again I was a little bit high too.

So did you guys pass your inspection Monday? I hope so. When are you gonna make it home again, soon I hope, I'm always ready to party. I know you are too. Are you gonna make it home for Nels' party? That's pretty far away though. My brother enlisted in the Army too. He's leaving the same day Nels is, Sept 14. I hope it will do him some good. If that doesn't, nothing will. Right!! Perk just gave me your address the other day, but I think It's at home, and I don't go there much. But still write there O.K.?

I hope to hear from ya soon. Well there's not much more to say. Take it easy & be good (if ya can).

Write soon!!!



[The envelope was letterhead from Corden's Candy Carrousel.]